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USB Car Power Adapter
Posted by Administrator on 7/25/2012 to Promos
With all of the new technology in today’s age, it would seem silly to not pack a USB car power adapter for all car trips. The adaptor is perfect for anyone needing to charge their cell phone, MP3, iPhone, iPad, digital camera, Blackberry, smart phone, laptop and any other device that hooks to the USB. Simply plug the adapter in to your car power outlet and when the LED indicator lights-up, plug in your USB cable and charge away. The adapter is lightweight and comes in a variety of colors.
You can even brand your company logo onto the adapter to spread brand awareness. The adapter is a perfect way for clients, employees and students to always stay connected with your company. Not only will all of your electronic devices ALWAYS have power, but you can even work from your car when you are on the road.
Let's get connected!
1. Plug in the adapter to your car power outlet
2. Wait for the LED indicator to light-up
3. Plug in your USB cable
4. Charge away
Talk about an efficient and simple way to never be without power again! Click on the Cooper Stepp icon below to learn more about the USB Car Power Adapter and other promotional products.
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