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Connecting with Social Media
Posted by Administrator on 9/19/2012 to CSA update

Social media is not only a great way to connect with friends and family, but it has become a great source for businesses to connect with clients on a more intimate level. In today’s market, social media is a must-have to help build brands and engage clientele. According to Advertising Age Magazine, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are attracting more and more followers (Wolf). In 2012, Facebook had 834 worldwide unique visitors with Twitter having 176 million and LinkedIn close behind with 105 million. Talk about being able to reach a wide audience! The great thing about these social sites is that you can connect with your audience instantly and give them up-to-date information with the click of a button.

Ad Age Data Center

Cooper Stepp is involved with many different social networking outlets. We use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and blogs to keep our clients informed about the lasted product deals and information. Connecting with our clients and providing quality service in an efficient manner is our main goal. We are constantly sourcing new products and marketing ideas that can help our clients’ standout from competitors and reach marketing goals.To learn more about our social networking sites, click on the links below.


Al Hootles is our Eco-Correspondent. He loves to share Eco-friendly products and ideas to help our clients live a 'greener' lifestyle. Check out his new Twitter make-over.

Cooper Stepp uses Facebook as a platform to bring new products, ideas and news to clients to help them effectively market their company. showcases all of our amazing products, promos, apparel, stores, blogs and news. 

Cooper Stepp uses Twitter to connect with clients in a concise and conversational manner. We can bring clients quick updates on products and promotions and receive quick feedback.

Pinterest is a great outlet for Cooper Stepp to upload custom product ideas, apparel and promo items while using visual branding to reach a wide range of people. 

Overall, social media is a great tool to effectively reach large markets in a efficient and creative manner.


Wolf, Catherine, ed. "Digital Family Trees 2012."Advertising Age. Crain Communications, 09.17.2012. Web. 19 Sep 2012. <

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