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Business Gift Survey
Posted by Administrator on 12/10/2012 to CSA update

The holiday season is the perfect time to show your employees and clients how appreciated they are to your business by giving them the perfect gift. Although many businesses go the traditional route when gift giving, there are many companies that are starting to give “out of the box” presents. According to Advantages Magazine, the 2012 Holiday Business Gift Survey showed that 50 percent of survey respondents wanted a quality product followed by an “assortment of product offerings”. The survey even included a list off odd gifts from bosses and business partners such as: juicers, underwear, a  toilet plunger, a four-foot plush panther, lingerie and homemade meatloaf. I don’t know about you, but I think receiving lingerie or underwear from my boss might call for a visit from the HR department. I wouldn't mind receiving the juicer, though!

The chart* below shows the most popular gifts given to employees and clients:

              Employee Gifts                               Client Gifts

 *Chart provided by Advantages Magazine, December 2012

 Now is the perfect time to order your holiday gifts for those special clients and employees. We all know holiday shopping can be stressful and we at Cooper Stepp & Associates will be happy to provide ideas and source products that fit your needs. We will also make sure your gifts are appropriate for everyone! Please visit our website or contact our sales department to place your order ASAP and receive your gifts before the holiday.

Happy Shopping!

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"Business Gift Survey Shows Companies Will Give Quality, Practical Gifts." Advantages Dec. 2012: 58+.  ASI Central. Web. Dec. 2012. <http://>.

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